Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cams Final Uni Post

Hello for the last time...

My final blog is extremely close to deadline as I'm sure you can see. The library just got evactuated because the fire alarm went off so it has been pushed back that tad bit more lol. But anyway, this is my last blog and i may as well do a good one.

Well firstly as you well know we started this term off with the history of communication. I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed learning about this. I find that it is interesting to consider how far technology will be advanced in coming years if it has already advanced to this level. I remember as a kid I was absolutely amazed that I had a discman and could actually leave my house and listen to music, it was almost too much for me. Nowadays I wouldnt be surprised if the new Ipod had an inbuilt oven. But if there has been this much of an advancement over the course of around ten years imagine what it will be like in another century. Preferably not like something that has come straight out of a Cyberpunk novel.

Of course i know it is part of curriculum to learn the media theories but i have to admit I found it a little bit wearing and sometimes boring. But as for the level of clarity and your presentation of the topic, it was very good. It made it that marginal bit easier for the test this morning haha. I found the movies pretty interesting, particularly La Jetee which surprises me as I dont usually like older movies. The plot was so original and i thought it was interesting to see how a movie can carry such an effective plot without having good imagery of an effective pace.

As for the tutorial tasks I think they ranged between interesting, not so interesting and sometimes tedious. However for the most part i enjoyed them, and I do not think i could put into words how much better these tutorials were than my other subjects (which bordered on insufferable).

All in all i thoroughly enjoyed this class in comparison to my others, and thank you a lot for your work this semester.

Cheers, might see you in a class in the future...


Cams Ninth Uni Post

Hey, I'm back again. I have been behind so i decided to do my word task and excel task back to back, then do all the typing. I regret this. Fingers are quite sore. Deadline is looming closer and closer, and the Excel task I did took me back to my Maths and Graphics days. Frankly i despise both of those subjects, so that will give you a rough idea of how much I enjoyed these tasks lol. Excuse my Msn Language, but i figure if I'm going to use it in any subject this is by far the most fitting.

Now, the task. Well I'm not going to lie to you, i didn't find it difficult but staring at an excel screen was something i thought I had avoided forever. Certain teachers have left me with certain bad memories lol. I found the first bit fine, but the formulas annoyed me a little, as for some reason i always make one typo and have to redo pretty much every step. It becomes pretty wearing. As I have used to program before, i found little to no difficulty finishing the rest, but my typo's annoyed me pretty horrifically.

It was probably a good thing i went through and did this excercise as it sparked my memory (albeit bad ones). Im going to have to use this program in the future, one again probably begging and clawing my way into a job, and when i get to that stage I guess it will be useful. But until then? Nah. lol.

Thanks, have a good one.


Cams Eighth Uni Post

Hows it going...

I'm still ploughing along, painfully close to deadline, and admittedly the microsoft word task I just completed was a little bit wearing an time consuming, but I can understand the importance of it, and im sure that it didn't hurt to get back to basics as I'm going to be using this program (or at least something like it) for the est of my life.

In regards to the actual task, I had no real difficulties but was quite surprised at the mail merging task as I had absolutely no idea such a thing existed. I guess it is pretty useful though, and will probabl use it in the future. By the way cheers for the clear instructions, otherwise i definitely would have struggled my way through that one.

Looking at Microsoft word itself, i suppose it would be pretty hard to imagine uni life without it. While it may not be particularly high tech and advancing in the field of technology, it is just a necessity for anyone who comes here. As for me, I have absolutely no doubt i'll be using the program in a few years time, begging and clawing my way to get a decent job haha.

Cheers again,

Cam's Seventh Uni Post

Hello again and welcome to another horrendously overdue blog. Apologies once again, i kept putting it off and putting it off until i was literally staring deadline in the face. This blog will be focusing on the differences between regular instant messaging and 3d instant messaging.

Upon observing the active worlds website the first obvious difference to me is that the 3d form takes on a gameplay aspect which I would assume take away from the chatting aspect anyway. I have been using Msn Messenger for roughly 6 or 7 years and i use it for the sole purpose of speaking to one another, which leads me to believe on first impression that 3d chat may be too elaborate.

It is interesting to note, that while the gameplay aspect may take away from the simplicity of basic chat, the visual aspect gives way to a whole new realm of communication. Whilst msn offers gameplay and interacting in the form of file transfer, and the rather primitive checkers 3d chat allows you to digitally interact with one another, simulating that of real life.

I was vaguely aware of the ability to immerse yourself in an interactive world, but this has opened my eyes in terms of technological advancement. Personally, if someone was to chat regularly on one of these sites they may experience a mild form of addiction which would take away from their ability to communicate with others in real life. Overall though, this is most certainly an interesting form of technology, and I'm interested to see where it will lead in the future...

Cheers for the task, I found it pretty interesting... have a good one...



kings of leon, originally uploaded by cameroncolinwilliams.

I'm going to stick with music again, this time with another of my favourite bands, Kings of Leon. They are a rock band, yet reasonably artistic, so i thought i would used a crystallising effect on this photo.


mario, originally uploaded by cameroncolinwilliams.

As a kid i loved Mario Kart, and after a few drinks i still love it. It remains to be my favourite game so i chose this picture, and used the smudge stick effect to give the illusion of speed.


kiedis, originally uploaded by cameroncolinwilliams.

When reading the term popular I instantly assume music, and my favourite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here i have a photo of frontman Anthony Kiedis onstage, which i have polarised to reflect the intesity and creativity of their live show.